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Amherst College


Feb 23-24, 2019 (Saturday - Sunday)


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Webster Hall, Room 102

  • Financial modeling boot camp with hands-on training
  • Demonstrate financial modeling skills to employers by earning Adventis certification
  • Includes access to all instructional videos provided with online purchase
What Makes our FMC Program Unique?

The FMC Program is an intensive boot camp that provides hands-on financial modeling training. Adventis’ unique training style consists of having students build financial models and analyses entirely from scratch, while explaining key concepts along the way. This approach enables students to retain more concepts and develop a valuable skill set. Certified students have been able to demonstrate to employers that they have strong analytical capabilities and are ready to hit the ground running. Certified students have used their experience with the FMC Program to impress interviewers and ultimately land positions at top firms on Wall Street.

Course Highlights
  • Build a 3-statement financial model of an airline company from scratch
  • Perform a public comparable analysis in the airline space
  • Perform a precedent comparables analysis for the airline space
  • Perform a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis
  • Build a comparison of all valuation metrics to triangulate value for the airline company
  • Build a leveraged buyout (LBO) analysis to calculate return on investment and credit metrics
Our Trainers

Adventis trainers have investment banking and private equity experience at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, Moelis, Centerview Partners, William Blair, Baird, and other top firms on Wall Street.

Certification Exams

Once you enroll in the FMC Program you will be able to take an unlimited amount of exams for no additional cost. We host exams on a weekly basis and you will be given access to our exam schedule shortly after the boot camp you are enrolled in. You can register for only one exam per week. Our FMC Level I Certification requires you to build a 3-statement financial model from scratch in under 90 minutes and score at least 90% on a 30-question multiple choice exam focused on financial modeling, accounting and corporate finance concepts. Our FMC Level II Certification requires you score at least 90% on a 25-question multiple choice exam focused on key valuation and leveraged buyout concepts.

“The Adventis boot camp provided me with a strong understanding of how the financial statements link together and form the basis for the various valuation methods. The process of earning my certification enabled me to learn my investment bank’s modeling templates more quickly than other interns and make a better impression on the full-time analysts.”
- Paul Griessel Jr, Class of 2021, Amherst College
Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Atlas Technology Group LLC